11 November 2015

Travel days & running photos

The fall has been even more challenging with regards to my travel schedule. Yesterday I enjoyed myself by counting how many travel days I have had this year. I can congratulate myself in having passed 130 days during the first 45 weeks of the year. That is on average 2.9 days/week.  Besides my family, the blog has obviously suffered as well.

Surprisingly, my running has not been affected that much – during my hotel stays I can often squeeze in one run in the early morning before breakfast and one more run during a break in the afternoon schedule or during the evening. It has been a way to sustain both my physical and mental wellness, but also a great opportunity to discover new beautiful places. Regretfully, I have not travel to particularly mountainous places, but you can find a good park to run in even in cities like Geneva, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Munich, Amsterdam and Seattle. During my travelruns I have taken photographs and when I had a spare moment yesterday I uploaded them all to a new Instagram account I created called passingofthesummits. When looking at the photos I realize this is also an expose of the four seasons as it is soon time for the first snow and skiing again. I truly hope I will find more time to write here as well, but in the meantime I will continue to post some of my running photos in Instagram.   

Early morning run in Turku (Abo) in Finland last week. Winter is coming.


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