09 December 2014

Mountain Art

One of my absolute favorite mountain ultratrail blogs since many years is Trailplodder by the finish runner Jukka Kukkonen. It was actually his attempts to run La Boucle (now called X-Alpine) of Trail Verbier St Bernard that inspired me to take on the challenge of running that race in 2012 and it was then I really got hooked by mountain running in the Alps. His race reports in particular are truly inspiring and very educating and full of great pictures and it has been a joy to follow his success this year in finishing UTMB, Lavaredo Ultra Trail and Eiger UltraTrail, the last two races definitively high on my future bucket list. However, his blog also contains good, sometimes quite philosophical, reflections about mountain running in general and I was very happy to view the mountain art collection he has compiled and recently posted. His Mountain Art Gallery consists of 100 paintings at Google Cultural Institute and I can definitively recommend a tour.

Living in Uppsala, a city in the very flat county Uppland with the highest hill raising only 118 meters over sea level, it is certainly necessary to dream away to higher mountains when training and it is something I often do during my numerous short hill repeats.

The small and ugly, but still loved, hill on my way to work this morning
I have therefore like Jukka watched mountain art for quite some time and my favorite painter, at least for now, is the German Torben Giehler. We are of the same age and I can very much relate to his abstraction and illusionistic style and the overreaching idea that space is truly the final frontier in painting. His mountain paintings, expressed in pixilated aesthetic bright colors, resemble an inner structured virtual grid of the climbing of the summits as a mirror image of the unpredictable environment outside in real life. Giehler’s virtual studio with many of his paintings are located at http://www.torbengiehler.com/. His mountain art is mostly from 2002, but he has also done some paintings of mountains last year, for instance of Cervino/Matterhorn.

Torben Giehler's paintings Mont Blanc and Matterhorn from 2002

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Peter! I'm glad to have inspired you to run Verbier. Now you have definitely inspired me to do Tor and PTL!

    I've never seen Torben Giehler's works before, but they seem absolutely awesome to me. What an excellent contemporary abstract painter he is.