02 April 2014

The Barkley Marathons 2014

Winter came back today to Uppsala on April Fool’s Day with rather heavy snowfall in the morning and strong and cold northerly winds. It was a struggle to run to work this morning even though the run only took slightly more than half an hour. It was much easier to run home, but the cold wind was still lingering around.

Half an hour is of course nothing compared to the 57 hours 53 minutes and 20 seconds Jared Campbell spent on The Barkley Marathons track in the Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee this past weekend. I followed the race on Twitter #BM100 and the last two loops out of five he was the only runner left.  He became the second runner after Brett Maune, to have completed the race twice – a great achievement deserving big congratulations. In total there have been only 15 finishes since the 1980’s within the time limit 60 hours in this amazingly hard 100 mile (161 km) race.

Jared Campbell finishing The Barkley Marathons 2014
The Barkley Marathons track has a positive altitude difference of  59,100 feet (18,014 meters), giving an unprecedented  D+/km of 111.9, and also requires great navigation skills. I saw a post-raceTV interview with Jared on the web and I am now eagerly awaiting the documentary that was partly filmed during this year's race (you can follow the progress of the film alsoon Facebook). In the meantime I guess there will come some interesting race reports, the report by one of last year’s finishers Nickademus Hollonis truly a great read. On his blog you can also take a hilarious quiz to see ifyou will be the next Barkley finisher. He is also featured in a very recent podcast that is definitively worth listening to.

The Barkley Marathons in Frozen Head State park in TN, USA

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