11 December 2013

Unlucky week

The past two weeks have been unlucky and though as I first caught the winter vomiting disease (gastroenteritis caused by a Norovirus) when I was on a short weekend trip to London two weeks ago and just when I was back in normal training routine this week it was time to get a severe cold. I guess it is a good time of the year to get these breaks in the training as it will of course not affect next season to any extent.

The next season is becoming more clear as I, as expected, was unlucky in the Hardrock 100 lottery. In the end it was 1,279 folks applying for 140 places, and only 35 places were for new entrants/first-timers as myself. I am in good company of unlucky runners with no chance of getting a slot together with for instance Iker Karerra, winner of TDG 2013 with the amazing record time of 70h 4’ 15’’; Nickademus Hollon the 2013 winner  of The Barkley Marathons, the epical and certainly grueling 100-mile race with a D+ over 60,000 feet (18200 meters) which only 14 of about 1000 runners have completed within the cutoff time of 60 hours since the race began in 2014; Anton Krupicka who hardly need any introduction; Cameron Clayton; Meghan Arbogast; Nikki Kimball and many others. Still, the 2014 field looks completely amazing and seriously competitive with Kilian Jornet, Sebastian Chaigneau, Julien Chorier, and Tsuyashi Kaburaki joining Dakota Jones, Joe Grant, Timothy Olson, Jared Campbell, Scott Jaime, and others in the battle for the top positions on the men’s side. Darcy Africa, Diana Finkel, Rhonda Claridg , Jen Segger and other strong women will certainly keep the women’s race exciting. There will be no Swedes or Scandinavian runners in the race next year.

The only main goal for 2014 will therefore be PTL (La Petite Trotte à Léon) and I hope the team I am part of will be lucky in the sign-up process next week. I think the race will be extremely popular as next year’s course, as I have mentioned on the blog before, is absolutely amazing. I have looked over the GPS tracks in Google Earth and there are some really spectacular passages, for instance the climb after only 45 kilometers early the first morning up to Cabane de Trient at 3170 meters altitude.  I really hope for a sunny day with clear views over the Mont Blanc massif over the Glacier de Trient. The crossing of Mont Rogneux to the Col de l’Ane a couple of hours later in the afternoon the same day will also be spectacular. And this is just some of the first passages.

We are currently in the process of figuring out a good name for the team, all input is of course appreciated, and also to find sponsors. More information will follow.

View of the Combins from Mont Rogneux (Not my picture) 

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