27 December 2013

The foot mystery solved

Christmas has again passed by and I was lucky to be in one of the few places in southern Sweden with snow. I was in the family ski resort Sälen and could balance the usual intake of plenty of Christmas food with surprisingly good skiing with the family. The good skiing was partly due to the fact that we as a Christmas gift had invested in new skis and ski boots and my new Lange RX120 boots were truly great in the piste compared to my old inferior boots.
When I bought the ski boots I was told that my right foot was almost 1 centimeter (0.4 inches) longer than my left. Mystery solved – this explains why I get more problems with my right foot after long runs and why I for instance lost my right big toenail and not my left after Tor des Géants. For the ski boots there are apparently some way of enlarging the toe box and I will do that for my right boot now – as these new boots were more stable and stiff than my previous it is clearly needed in order to make the skiing pleasant. There is not the same possibility with running shoes and I guess I simply have consider to buy two pairs of race running shoes in different sizes for La Petite Trotte à Léon (PTL) in August and use the small size shoe for my left foot and the large one for my right. I am really surprised that I had not noticed this size anomaly before in my life, but better late than never I guess and I am really happy that I know this now.

The left ski boot is perfect, while the right is too small

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