13 November 2013

Use trekking poles to save your feet?

The most visited post on my blog so far is about To use or not to use trekking poles during ultramarathon running. I am certainly a strong proponent of using trekking poles and I use them mostly during uphill climbing. A new interesting article in European Journal Sport Science 2013; 13 (5):468-74 published by Daviaux and colleagues at University of Savoy in Chambéry in France implicates that the use of trekking poles perhaps might be even more beneficial during level and downhill trail running, at least for the feet. In the study, ten runners ran on a loop track representative of a trail running field situation with uphill (+9°), level and downhill (-6°) sections at fixed speed (3.2 m.s(-1)) with or without poles. The plantar pressure decrease in the medial forefoot region during level running and medial heel region when running with poles compared to running without was statistically significantly different and over 10%. I imagine that this difference really could matter when running really long ultras like TDG and I wonder how my feet had looked like without using poles.


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