13 September 2013


This morning I came back to Courmayeur after my Tor in the Aosta Valley. It took me 118 hours, 18 minutes and 55 seconds to finish Tor des Geants. I pressed myself too hard and finished in 98th place. It has been a real adventure and I have truly learned a lot about myself. 

A longer race report is coming, now I am just recouperating. I would however like to express my sincere thanks to my family, you were my motivation that took me through in particular the last night when my mind wanted to shut down due to sleep deprivation and fatigue - I love you. I would also like to thank my friends and a special thanks to Stefan Andreazzoli, the first Swede to complete TDG last year and who really has supported my effort. Finally, thanks to the Aosta Valley with its amazing scenery and people making a race like this possible. 

Now returning to my post-race hamburger and beer.

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