21 August 2013

A Book and an App about Tor des Géants and Alte Vie in the Aosta Valley

Now less than 18 days left to Tor des Géants 2013. I hardly need to be more inspired than I am right now, but cannot resist to continue to browse the wonderful book “Tor des Géants. Valle d’Aosta” by Stefano Torrione from Sime Books. Not only race has its own book and I have waited to get hold of the book since I was lucky in the lottery in February and knew this year’s goal would be TDG. The first edition of the book has since long been sold out, but I got a copy of the new second edition just before I went on vacation this summer – indeed perfect timing. It is a real “coffee table book” with amazing pictures and inspiring short thoughts about the nature in the Aosta Valley and the race through this landscape.

I also noted that there is an iPhone app available for the Alta Via 1 and 2 paths which the TDG course largely follows. It is called Alte Vie della Valle d’Aosta (VdA) and is produced by Touchware srl. The app contains information about the different sections (“Tappe”) including map, elevation profile and GPS tracks. It also contains information about the different towns and refugios along the route. I think this app will come in very handy not only now before the race in my reconnaissance but also during the race.

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