31 May 2013

My best shoes ever?

This week I got my new Salomon Sense Ultra shoes. It was like Christmas Day to open the box and so far it is the best running shoe I have ever experienced despite my extremely high expectations.


I am not alone in this notion and there have been a number of other really comprehensive reviews published in various blogs and magazines, for instance Irunfar, Runblogger, Swedentrails, Runningshoeguru, Sagetosummit, Trailrunnermag, Running trails. The only drawback is that the shoes feels a little bit stiff on pavement and hard flat surfaces. They have also made me run too fast, I have repeatedly had to slow down when I looked at the watch and saw that I was running under 4 min/km when I thought I was doing around 5 min/km. I am considering to use my Salomon Sense Ultras as the main shoe for TDG – perhaps a daring move considering the distance. However, I have always preferred light shoes and in my teens I used to compete in cross country races like Lidingöloppet (30 km) in my track and field shoes with spikes. Growing older I started to use more protective shoes until last year when I for instance ran La Boucle at Trail Verbier St-Bernard (TVSB) in Salomon Fellcross. They were great, however quite unforgiving for my toe nails (lost two of them post-race) and the excellent fit of Sense Ultra make me less concerned about this. Before making my final decision I will test the shoes in more mountainous terrain and on technical step trails like the ones in the Aosta Valley. And, for running to and from work on mostly hard flat surface I will use other shoes and spare my Sense Ultras for the real challenges.
On another note - it is now less than 100 days left to Tor des Géants I realized this morning.

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