24 April 2013

Long way from the trail

I am currently on a business trip to Chicago and writing this from the hotel room. The hotel treadmill feels a very long way from the trails back in Sweden. The snow is there finally starting to melt even though a lot was still lingering at Hågadalen, a wonderful nature reserve just outside Uppsala, when I was running there last week.
Snow lingering outside Uppsala in late April

I like running in swampy and wet conditions, it is tough and you get a good pulse elevation even though you are running long and slow distances. It is also not straining on your feet and legs as hard technical trails. In order to prepare for the later, which will be the predominant conditions at TDG, I have started to exercise in extremely steep hill terrain. But, for the coming days I will regretfully have to settle for the treadmill.
Snow melting on sunny fields at Hågadalen

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