19 March 2013

Running during cold and dark winter nights

Winter is certainly lingering long this year – it is still freezing temperatures throughout all days with plenty of snow and ice still on the ground here in Uppsala. I must confess that I certainly prefer warm temperatures when running and I have so far never suffered too badly when running under hot and humid conditions. It is therefore difficult to get out when it is -15°C (5°F) and dark and run my regular track of approximately 9 kilometers (5 miles) in the torchlight.

This year I have however been running in the cold and dark more frequently than before and I am certainly better trained than l was last year at the same time. It indeed very motivating to have a clear goal for the year and my thoughts are completely centered on Tor des Géants already. I have put together a “motivational board” at work, shown below, which I use as inspiration. I have also made contact with the first Swede who finished TDG, Stefan Andreazzoli, and he has already provided extremely generous advice and tips in how to prepare and succeed. I will share some of those tips later on here. For now I can conclude that I realize that time is passing fast and that all nighttime runs in the cold and dark in the torchlight will be needed in September.

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